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10 Cool Holographic Nail Polishes To Add To Your Makeup Kit

Blossom Makeover
Blossom Makeover
The next time you want to pamper your nails with a makeover, you don’t have to spend the time and money on a salon manicure. We recommend you save up those bucks and pick up a holographic nail polish instead. Holo what, we can hear you echo in response. Worry not, we’re not here to talk science. It’s just a nail style you really should be adding to your life right away if you haven’t already. Want to know what it is? Then keep reading right here.
Holographic nail polish is multi-tonal and has light-reflecting particles that give the nails on which it is applied a three-dimensional effect. Popularly called holo nails, they come in simple bottles with a brush applicator like any other varnish but the effect they add is unlike any other. Your solid shades and glitter finishes will shudder in front of these. The greatest advantage is that you can get yourself a holographic manicure at home, all you need is the right nail polish to help you along.

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